Hi and hello

Well, okay, just to make stuff official: this is our first blog post!

And congratulations for making it to the second sentence! And the third! (Okay, technically that wasn’t a sentence; it’s what Clippy calls a “fragment” — remember him from the MS Office of olden times?)

So, welcome to All About Confession! Whoohoo! Yay, we’re all happy. All About Confession is finally launched…

Sorry, people, I’m dead tired. I can’t write a decent debut post tonight, and I have to be up early tomorrow. AND I have to launch this now because I have to be out of town, with limited internet connection, in the next few days. AND I really want to publish this site before Ash Wednesday — when many Catholics start to undergo the infamous Facebook fast. (Good luck to them!)

I already have some blog post ideas listed. We’ll start with what Pope Francis has been telling us about Confession, stuff which most media peeps have unfortunately ignored.

I really have to go to bed noooow… *falls to the floor*



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