Disclaimer extended (or, Read the Catechism)

When it comes to doctrine, there is no simpler and more authoritative reference than the Catechism — which is, of course, a summary of teachings from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

So I encourage you to read that treasure trove of doctrine. And, trust the Patron Saint of Cool, Blessed John Paul II (he asked it to be compiled by no less than the future Pope Benedict XVI), it’s an eye-opening and faith-deepening read. Or, if you want a more digestible version of it, you can get a copy of its Compendium (or summary), which is in a Q&A format.

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So why am I bringing this up? Because I would like to say that if you smell anything funny about my posts, you’ll know what to consult. I may not be able to explain things well enough, or I might not be totally right — so a correction would be most welcome and helpful to me and the other readers. 🙂

But then, just to emphasize my point earlier, read the Catechism. If you find it dense or too technical, don’t worry. Pray about what you’ve read anyway, and go back to it some other time. It worked for me. On my first encounter with the thick book, my eyes bled — know what I mean? But when I returned to the text after a while (I mean weeks, even months), it was like discovering a well in a desert.


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