The tomb of Lazarus and the confessional

Many times we’ve heard it said that Jesus is the Divine Physician. He heals any wound. He restores health to the weak. He makes impaired people physically whole. He is the awesome Dr. Jesus Christ!

But this divine healing is most manifest in Confession, where we find Jesus Christ who heals us of the wounds caused by sin. There he dresses our gashed souls. Like the Good Samaritan to the mugged man, he anoints our wounds with the oil of compassion.

But then, even better, Jesus Christ resurrects us, in a sense, in Confession. This is particularly true if we had the misfortune of falling into mortal sin and are thus spiritually dead — like a branch cut off the vine. When we confess all our mortal sins, Christ makes our soul alive again and able to absorb grace like sponge in a stream.

Amazing, right?

Lazarus rises from the dead! (Image from Jean Louis Mazieres)

Lazarus rises from the dead! (Image from Jean Louis Mazieres)

So now let’s think of the confessional as the tomb from which came Lazarus, Jesus’ friend and brother of Martha and Mary. He was dead for days; people were sure the body already stunk. But Jesus’ mercy knew no physical law of decomposition. Jesus brought Lazarus back to life.

In Confession, by Jesus’ mercy, we too are brought back to life, fragrant with peace.


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