Why frequent Confession is good for you

We take a bath daily to keep our bodies clean. We clip and clean our nails, maybe polish them. We brush our teeth, gargle mouthwash, and even have a regular dental check-up. We also have a regular haircut. Some people even go to spas regularly!

If we take so much fuss about keeping our bodies clean and refreshed — with frequency and regularity — why not do the same to our souls?

I mean, it’s logical, right?

And we know that Confession works like a bath. It makes us clean spiritually. We may not have mortal sins (thank God), but the venial sins we accumulate day after day make us grimy and unable to feel and absorb the sun of God’s grace.

Yep, like a cool bath in summer. Photo by PhotoAtelier on flickr.com

Yep, like a cool bath in summer. Photo by PhotoAtelier on flickr.com

So that’s reason number one: frequent and regular Confession keeps our souls clean.

Reason number two is that through Confession we accumulate grace. Of course. The more we go to Confession — with ever more contrition — the more we can receive grace. This is, of course, not an encouragement for us to sin, but an encouragement for us to strengthen our defenses against sin (through Confession), so that grace increase in us without interruption.

And reason number three is that through Confession, we can keep our egos in check. You see, pride is the most insidious sin; it is the sin we least feel. Oftentimes we only know it’s there when it already has made tremendous effects on others. And none but a serious examination of conscience — like what we do before going to Confession — can make us see how proud or boastful we really are.

Of course, after a good examination of conscience, we’ll feel (at least a bit) miserable being such stubborn sinners, but at the same time we are comforted by the fact that Jesus came “not to call the righteous, but sinners” (Lk 5:32). We are consoled precisely in that Jesus seeks us in Confession, letting us return to him, to God.



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