FessTime Project: A campaign to set a regular time for Confession in all churches and chapels

Nothing can more frustrating than a time when we are so ready to return to God, and find no schedule for Confession at the local church.

Or, if there is such a schedule, find no priest at the confessional at the scheduled time!

"Egad! But it's 5:30!"

“Egad! But it’s 5:30!”

And no, setting an appointment with the priest wouldn’t work — especially for the shy-type long-lost penitent.

God’s mercy poured forth in Confession has to be regularly available to all the faithful, just like the Holy Mass.

So join FessTime Project, our campaign in requesting parishes and chaplaincies to set a regular schedule for Confession every week — or even daily!

This campaign can work in three easy steps:

  1. Download this super-light template letter.
  2. Edit to your parish’s or chapel’s circumstances.
  3. Print and hand it to your parish office or chaplaincy.

It’s. That. Easy!

Everybody happy!

Everybody happy!

But, of course, this campaign is no longer applicable to churches and chapels that have — thank God — regular schedules for Confession.

It’s time we get to appreciate Confession better. It’s time to have regular Confession schedules in all churches and chapels.

FessTime Project. It’s time.

[FessTime Project banner image adapted from Steve Ranson on Flickr under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]

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