Easter Sunday, the Awesomest

Today we celebrate the awesomest event ever — the Resurrection of Jesus!

It is the ultimate victory. Frodo and the Fellowship may have won against Sauron and his orcs, Harry Potter against Voldemort, the Allied forces against the Axis powers, but no one has defeated death and sin as Christ did. His triumph is the template and benchmark of all redemption-resurrection stories. Note, of course, how victory was sweetest when the enemy thought it had won, when it actually lost (cf. the Crucifixion).

Ultimate Victory! "Resurrection of Christ" by Hendrick van den Broeck

Ultimate Victory! “Resurrection of Christ” by Hendrick van den Broeck

If there is a day when joy is most proper, this is it! And I’m not talking about the feely-feely type of happiness; I’m talking about real joy, the contentment and confidence that only our adoption as children of God — done by Jesus especially in his Passion, Death, and Resurrection — can produce.

This is the Feast, the Day, the Night, the Hour, the Moment!

And more than any other day of the year, this is when conversion to a new life is most appropriate. Not only because this is when Christ rose again from the dead, but this is when he established everything to be new and fresh again — a new Creation, raised to the order of grace — the day when Confession and all the other Sacraments acquired their full effectiveness! The day when going to heaven became possible!


Happy Easter, everyone! And together with Jesus, let’s live again!


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