Guide for Adults

  • Have I rejected or neglected my faith? Have I refused to defend my faith, or been embarrassed of it? Is there any aspect of my faith that I do not accept?
  • Have I taken the Lord’s name in vain? Have I experimented with the occult or put my trust in fortune-tellers or horoscopes? Have I shown disrespect for any holy things, places or people?
  • Have I missed Mass on Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation?
  • Have I received Holy Communion with a grave sin on my conscience?
  • Have I received Holy Communion without proper reverence or thanksgiving?
  • Have I been impatient, angry or jealous?
  • Have I fostered resentments or been unwilling to forgive?
  • Have I been verbally or physically violent with others?
  • Have I taken part in or encouraged abortion, the destruction of human embryos, euthanasia or any other means of taking human life?
  • Have I been hateful or judgemental in thoughts or deeds? Have I looked down on others?
  • Have I spoken badly about others, engaging in gossip?
  • Have I consumed alcohol excessively or taken drugs?
  • Have I looked at pornographic videos or websites? Have I been involved in impure behaviour with myself or with someone else? Am I living with someone as if I were married when I am not?
  • If I am married, do I seek to love my spouse above all else? Do I put my marriage first? My children? Am I open to welcoming new life?
  • Do I let my work occupy time and energy that family and friends deserve?
  • Have I been proud or selfish in my thoughts or actions? Have I neglected the poor and those in need? Have I spent money on my own personal comfort and luxury, forgetting my responsibilities to others and the Church?
  • Have I told lies? Have I been honest and diligent in my work? Have I stolen or cheated anyone at work?
  • Have I given in to laziness? Have I preferred physical comfort to service of others? Have I neglected the responsibility to bring others closer to God through example and word?

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